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Tona Lift and Tone Sculpting Bar

Tona Lift and Tone Sculpting Bar

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Sculpt your features with the power of sonic massage! Tona, our sonic sculpting T-shaped beauty bar is a vibrating toning tool designed to release facial tension and define the cheekbone and jawline. 

Gentle age-defying, sonic-powered technology lets you massage and micro-sculpt specific areas of the face to calm puffiness and temporarily lift facial 

Key Benefits

  • Use in an upward motion to lift, sculpt and de-puff
  • Contour cheeks, jawline, and the entire face
  • Vibrational massage promotes lymphatic drainage—alleviating tension
  • Sonic technology improves serum absorption and smoothes fine

    Use in an upward motion along the entire face. Works especially well on the natural curvatures of the face like the jawline and cheekbones.


    Needs batteries to operate vibrating massage. Does not include additional batteries